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How to Secure Your WordPress Blog

How to Secure Your WordPress Blog

There are few things worse than having your WordPress site hacked, especially if you don’t have a clean backup. That’s every single post you’ve ever written gone and probably some serious damage to your search engine rankings. It could take you months of work to recover. Don’t be one of those people, secure your WordPress … Read Full Post
How to Make WordPress Blazing Fast

How to Make WordPress Blazing Fast

I’m not going to make this a super detailed technical post about WordPress speed and performance tweaks (there are already lots of articles on the web that cover that). I’m just going to cover how I set up all my blogs to be blazing fast. If you are just starting to set up your blogging … Read Full Post
My Blogging Tech Stack Featured Image

My Blogging Tech Stack

I see so many bloggers struggling with; Page Speed, Security, which host to choose, what theme is best, is WordPress the best way to go etc. etc. I thought I’d do a series of articles covering the topic as comprehensively and definitively as I can. So, I’m starting off with the details of the technology … Read Full Post


Connect WordPress to Google Sheets

Automatically Send Post & Page Data from WordPress to Google Sheets

If you use Google Sheets to manage your content workflow, then getting your post and page data automatically sent from WordPress to Google Sheets via a webhook may be just what you’re looking for to take that workflow to the next level. WordPress To Google Sheets Summary We’re going to use two free solutions to … Read Full Post
Wordpress to Airtable

How to Automatically Send Post & Page Data from WordPress to Airtable

Automatically getting post and page data such as; author, title, word count, category etc. sent from WordPress to Airtable can prove incredibly useful as part of a content workflow process. So let me show you how to do just that. WordPress to Airtable Summary What we are going to do is use my free plugin … Read Full Post


Keyword Scalping

Scalping Competitor Keywords – The Right Way

I don’t see the topic of scalping competitor keywords discussed often enough even though it is one of the best and easiest methods of keyword research. But there is a right way of doing it and a wrong way of doing it. Whenever I do see keyword scalping discussed, most bloggers are not taking the … Read Full Post