UK Building Societies

List of UK building society websites, number of branches, assets etc.

Name of SocietySociety Assets £mOther Trading NamesNumber of Branches
Beverley Building Society1691
Bath Building Society2464
Britannia Building Society69000Trading name of Co-operative Banking Group250
Buckinghamshire Building Society1691
Cambridge Building Society94618
Century Building Society251
Chorley & District Building Society, The1773
City of Derry Building Society411
Coventry Building Society2545270
Cumberland Building Society152733
Darlington Building Society53213
Dudley Building Society3177
Ecology Building Society, The961
Earl Shilton Building Society1012
Furness Building Society81311
Harpenden Building Society2236
Holmesdale Building Society1461
Hinckley & Rugby Building Society58611
Ipswich Building Society5019
Kent Reliance Building Society2257Trading name of OneSavings Bank plc8
Leeds Building Society951067
Leek United Building Society76312
Mansfield Building Society, The2694
Marsden Building Society3426
Market Harborough Building Society4326
Melton Mowbray Building Society3874
Monmouthshire Building Society74210
Nationwide Building Society187699Cheshire Building Society (trading name of Nationwide BS)
Derbyshire Building Society (trading name of Nationwide BS)
Dunfermline Building Society (trading name of Nationwide BS)
National Counties Building Society12071
Newbury Building Society68910
Newcastle Building Society435031
Penrith Building Society891
Principality Building Society623151
Saffron Building Society93012
Scottish Building Society3326
Skipton Building Society14059104
Stafford Railway Building Society, The2031
Swansea Building Society1842
Teachers Building Society2391
Hanley Economic Building Society3316
Loughborough Building Society2713
Manchester Building Society8651
Nottingham Building Society240431
Progressive Building Society166612
Shepshed Building Society893
Tipton & Coseley Building Society3514
Vernon Building Society2477
West Bromwich Building Society725339
Yorkshire Building Society33187Barnsley Building Society (trading name of Yorkshire BS)
Chelsea Building Society (trading name of Yorkshire BS)
Norwich & Peterborough Building Society (trading name of Yorkshire BS)

Source: Building Societies Association 2011

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