Google revenue from Financial Services

A study on the revenue Google makes by industry has been carried out by Wordstream, a company that sells SEO & PPC software. This estimates that Google made about $4bn or 11% of its $37.9bn revenue from financial services in 2011.

Google made about £2.25bn in revenue from the UK in 2011, so, assuming the 11% figure applies here, we can speculate that circa £248m of this came from financial services. The key difference with the UK would be the comparative market share enjoyed by aggregators, so that 11% spend would be concentrated across fewer companies, particularly for motor insurance..

The full infographic, courtesy of Wordstream is set out below.

What Industries Contributed to Google's Billion in Revenues? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Read the full article on the Wordstream website.

In their first study in July ’11 the analysis was different, as it looked purely at keywords, and showed that the insurance industry accounted for 24% of the top 10,000 keywords and paid an estimated $54.91 per click for the most competitive keywords. Loans came in second at 12.8% with a top cost-per-click of $44.28, and mortgages 9% and $47.12.Full July ’11 article on the Wordstream webite

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