First Direct’s not so social recommend a friend process

Logging on to First Direct Internet Banking site today I was prompted to look at how their recommend a friend (RAF) scheme works, having being prompted by an article I read on NetBanker about ING Direct’s RAF scheme. For a brand like First Direct who arguably lead the way when it comes to the use of social media in UK banking it is a disappointingly offline process and they should take note of the ING Direct approach.

first direct recommend a friend scheme

Alliance & Leicester had an electronic RAF scheme years ago which was slick, worked well and was very similar to the ING approach with both parties getting £50. First Direct make no mention of what the other party gets (presumably nothing, which isn’t much of an incentive) and it can’t be done by email or better still shared on Facebook. Given this is a comparatively cheap method of recruitment and First Direct has such a strong brand advocacy, it schemes an obvious area for development.

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