About Jonathan Wright

Jonathan WrightMy name is Jonathan Wright. I have over 20 years’ experience in financial services, having held senior eCommerce positions within both banking and insurance in the UK. The aim of this site is to provide insight, analysis, commentary and general resources relating to online financial services, primarily with a UK focus. The views expressed on this site are my personal observations or those of fellow contributors, they in no way reflect the views of the companies I have worked for nor do they promote or endorse the services of said companies.

There are a number of excellent similar websites covering the US, Australia etc. (links to which you will find in the Links & Websites section) but none that are UK focused, so I decided to create one. I hope you find it a useful and informative source of information. If you can think of areas that could be added or improved upon, or you just want to chat to me about something, I am always delighted to receive your feedback via the form below.

I work on a freelance, consultancy or interim basis so if you wish to speak to me about a project or role you would like me to help with then please get in touch. My full profile can be found on LinkedIn but in summary my specialities are:

• Researching and delivering best in class ecommerce solutions
• Driving innovation in the online environment
• Procurement and management of suppliers and agencies
• Programme & project management
• Developing business cases and strategic planning
• Driving sales, retention, best practice service and process improvements
• Channel optimisation, user experience, web analytics and tracking
• Online marketing
• Managing ecommerce departments, building in-house competency, management of P&L